This is the Fountain Pen Codex.

Welcome to the new source for curated fountain pen knowledge, from repair techniques and ink mixing tips to our growing catalog of pens and manufacturers.

The site is currently under heavy development, but you're welcome to join for certain perks. If you're really interested in helping out, join us in IRC and request to become an editor.

Is this a wiki?

Kind of. Unlike a wiki, though, our data is organized and curated - pens go in the pen chapter, ink goes in the ink chapter (you probably see how this pattern works.)

While we do write our own articles, the best part is that the codex puts the choicest bits of fountain pen knowledge in your hands. Look up a pen and you'll see countless links to blogs, reference sites, and forum posts about that exact pen. The good articles get voted up, and the bad ones sink to the bottom.

What's the best way to get involved?

Write articles. Submit links. Vote on stuff. Everything helps!

Note that during this early beta period, you will need approval before you can do anything more than vote on content. Please join our chat room and ask a moderator.